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Machining in Alberta – How the Machining Industry Continues to Grow in Alberta

Industry in Alberta
Machining in AlbertaThe industrial sector in Alberta is positively thriving due to the number of sources of energy that are present in the province. The population in the province continues to grow as more people move to the area to take advantage of the economic boom that has resulted. The cost of doing business in Alberta is favourable to most of the major cities in North America and more companies are opening operations in the province as a result.
Energy companies have flocked to Alberta due to the vast resources that are available in the province. This includes a large amount of hydrocarbon resources in the form of:
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil Sands
  • Coal
Agriculture is also one of the major sources of industry in Alberta. Crops and livestock are vital to the flourishing industry.
Alberta is also responsible for a huge amount of manufacturing including a wide selection of building products, fabricated metals and machinery.
Machining in Alberta
Machining is defined as the removal of material from an object that works to change the shape or size of the object. Machining is frequently used for materials such as metal, plastic and other composite materials. Machining processes such as turning, boring, drilling and milling help to take raw materials and transform them into much more useful shapes.
The major industries in Alberta all have machining needs that work to fuel the thriving machining industry. Manufacturing in particular depends heavily on the different fabrication and machining services in order to create almost every product.
The heavy machinery necessary to extract the various forms of hydrocarbons and maintain farm lands rely on quality machining services to be manufactured and also be repaired when necessary. Repairs make up a relatively high percentage of work that flows through many of the machine shops in Alberta. Large machine shops in the province are well situated to handle heavy machining requirements.
Machine shops that operate in Alberta have the added benefit of the lower costs of doing business that the other companies in the province enjoy. This means higher profits that allow these machine shops to invest more money in new, high tech equipment to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in machining technologies. There is also more money to invest in highly skilled labour and different types of equipment.
Choosing the Best Machine Shops
The machining industry is booming in Alberta and there are many choices of machine shops in the province. Companies that require machining work should take special care to ensure the machine shop they choose offers top quality work and the ability to meet tight deadlines.
It is also a good practice to choose a machining company with a solid reputation and a proven history of completing work in the following industries:
  • Energy
  • Oil/Gas
  • Construction
  • Mining
There are machine shops operating in the province with upwards of 40 years of experience in the industry with expertise to handle both custom work and volume production. These shops are also very skilled in performing repair work and some even offer additional fabrication services such as welding.
Machining in Alberta is a growing industry; there are quality machine shops with the experience necessary to meet the increasing demands of this thriving industry.
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